Sunday, April 29, 2007

Thoughts of France Influence Delight in Life Card

Yesterday morning, bright and early my DH and I went to meet our traveling friends to book our airline and car rental reservations. I was sooooo excited! I still am and will continue to be until and probably wayyyyy after we have our French experience in late September 2007.

Between the four of us, we have compiled a mountain of travel manuals, maps, books, information on France and the areas that we are planning to visit. Later this evening, our friends emailed us the hotel that they reserved for us to stay at while we are in Paris. It is lovely!!!
It is in the heart of the city, walking distance to most of the major attractions.

The only other few times when I have been this excited were when I gave birth to my two sons and then married my DH just a little over two years ago.

So, I was inspired to make a couple of cards this evening with some pretty yellow embossed paper and work with the Delight in Life stamp set from Stampin' Up. A dear friend of mine told me today that about two weeks ago, it was her birthday and I also needed a pretty flower card for my new Secret Sister.

I am honestly delighted in life right now. This morning in church everyone in attendance affirmed for themselves that "Each and every way and each and every day, my life is getting better and better and better." I am grateful that this statement is true for me in my life in so many ways.

Love to you All!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tea Tyme

After reading through my emails, part of my daily morning routine, I uploaded some Tea cards that I created for a swap to One of the images is to the right of this post. Hope that you enjoy it!

My DH and I and another couple are planning our trip to France which is to take place at the end of September, grap harvest. We had dinner together this past Sunday evening and had maps and books galore spread out all over their kitchen island. I have never been more excited about a trip before, as you see, this is my first trip to Europe! We were letting our fingers do the walking on the map, tracing our route from Paris, where we will begin, through the Loire Valley, then into the Bordeaux region and possibly an overnight trip to Barcelona, Spain. All of this is to take place within a two week period. All four of us are wine connoiseurs as you may have already suspected, so we are also planning on visiting some of the Chateaus in the various regions. Another friend of ours, who has been so gifted to have lived in France for several years, sent us an email with some photos from the Chateau Fountainbleau. How spectacular!

Some of us are going to make an effort to learn the French language so that we may converse with the people and although we may not become experts, I know that we will all have a wonderful experience while visiting.
More to come, along with card making adventures in the days to come :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Moon Goddess Card

Ok, one more thing to add...
I made the Moon Goddess with all good intentions to send to a friend.
However, I could not part with her, she is so pretty. I just sat down the
other morning with this stamp and some pretty paper and she just went
together, just like that! Sometimes it can take me days to figure out a
layout, but this one went so easily and effortlessly, I was amazed.
Please enjoy! Maybe oneday someone will get a likeness of her in the mail.

Time to Blog Now

Although I have not posted here in a while, be sure that I have been busily stampin away...
And, on top of stampin, I went to the Japanese Friendship Garden here in Phoenix, AZ for the first time this past Saturday, April 14, 2007 with my Red Hat Group ~ The Cute Tomatoes.
It was wonderful! A lush green oasis in the desert. What eye candy to behold. The day was a little warm, not too hot, with some cool breezes. I took many photos and sent some out to close friends and family to show them that there are green things here in the desert.
Our group also attended the Formal Tea Ceremony. We drank macha tea, it was good, good for me and tasted like super green tea, along with a little Japanese sweet treat.
After that and trying to battle the traffic downtown that midday, our group went to a Japanese restaurant called The Cherry Blossom. We were there for about three hours, chitting, chatting and getting to know each other. What a group of awesome, spirited, adventurous women!
I look forward to out little outings which are planned by our Queen Mum, Cherrie.
Hats off to all Red Hatters around the world. I am overjoyed to be part of such an elite and
joyful group of women.
Have to go now to get ready for the CKC Scrap Book Convention tomorrow bright and early.
My dear friend Anne and I will be volunteering at one of the classrooms. I hope to be inspired and return home full of artsy ideas for papercrafting projects.