Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Flowahbella Party Time

This past Saturday, at my home, there were 6 super stampin ladies stamping their lovely hearts away! Can you imagine that? I can. We had the dining room and living room filled with STUFF.
Unfortunately my camera was on the blitz, all it kept saying was that the battery was dying :(, so I have no actual proof to show you. But the memory is etched deep in my heart :) , and the hearts of my dearest stampin buddies, which is really all that matters.

I was not sure of what I wanted to create that afternoon, but, piece by piece, I went into my craft room and retrieved an item here and there and suddenly Flowahbella asked me to take her to meet my friends. Well, that is just the beginning of a 6 card love affair with a new friend.
You see, I adore flowers...and to keep Bella company on her card, I gave her her own unique flower made from Primas.

Needless to say, I was exhausted at the end of the day, but happy...oh, oh, oh...I never knew how happy one could be when totally immersed in the all absorbing world of creating through stamping, paper crafting, card making and having friends who love the same all together.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cards? Cards! Cards& Cards+

Yesterday, my best stampin buddy Anne and I went to Creative Quest in Glendale to participate in their 10 card extravaganza. Wow! I was in for a wonderful surprise.

We both decided to go ahead and make all 10 cards which were mostly Easter/Spring themed.
We were there, met some very nice ladies, whom we both would like to get together and stamp with at some point in the near future.

We wandered around making our cards, moving from station to station, playing...stamping...gluing...arranging...re-arranging the format to suit our liking of our cards.

We were there for what seemed like an instant...but, actually lasted for about 3 1/2 hours.
Time does not exist in the world of card crafting/stamping, enjoying what we love to do.

When we were done, we bought a few items that piqued our interest, left and finally realized that it was near dinner time and we should get something to eat.

We mosied on down to The Gaslight Inn Bed & Breakfast in downtown Glendale. They had a nice light menu and some delicious hot/cold coffees that we each decided to order.

We sat there and chit chatted for a while, when Anne realized that it might be time to head home. It was getting a little dark outside. The evening was quite cooler than the afternoon.
Here in Arizona, there are not too many little towns/villages for us to walk around, like most people have in other parts of the country. Glendale offers that type of hometown feeling.

Well, here it is the day after a great day of stamping. And, can you guess what I will be doing this evening? :) Attending a dine and swap event in Tempe at a ladie's home where we will exchange our stamped cards with the theme being - Tea Time or Tee Time (or both).

That's about it for now. Just thought that I would keep you all updated on the adventures of a
Happy Stamper!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

It has been an extra busy weekend, with both fun and work.
I am writing this post in my new office/craft room. The transformation
is almost complete. The hard part is over. I have been very excited at
having my own room for at least the last month when I have been
outgrowing my little corner stampin spot in the master bedroom.
Out of necessity, I have had to keep on task because my "stuff"
is reaching epidemic proportions in the little spot. I have a large
portable table along one wall, dedicated to my work area and my
computer desk adjacent to that. Being that so much of the new office
furniture is way beyone what I am willing to spend currently, I will
just have to wait and see what comes along in the way of a lovely, gently
used table that I can possibly decorate to go with the theme of the room,
which will be somewhat Old World French Country/Victorian Style.
With that being said, I look forward to the coming week, there are a few
stamp gatherings, one on Tuesday, Wednesday evening and a get together
of some friends at my home this Saturday, to celebrate Springtime here
in lovely Phoenix, Arizona.
Happy Stampin and Happy Spring to you All!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring Stampin'

Hi All,

Lately, I have been in the cleaning mode. Spring is just around the corner, but here in Arizona, the temperatures have soared to 90 degrees, a jump of over 20 degrees in less than a week.
So, while it is still "cool" (ha), I am making the best of the weather and preparing to transform my spare bedroom into my Hobby/Craft room. I have a vision of having my computer on one wall and adjacent would be a large table so that I can spread out my projects ~ cards, scrapbook pages, pictures, toys, etc. I want to faux paint the wall that faces the door that opens to the room in a soft pink/beige/gold tone.
My temporary spot in the master bedroom, which is quite cozy is overflowing with "stuff", so now is the time to prepare this new space.
The St. Patrick's Day cards project went easily and effortlessly, they are simple in design.
There is also a project for Tea themed cards which were a tad bit more challenging, but I finally sat down one evening and pulled them together...they are waiting for the final touches.
Happy Stamping Everyone!